Opinion | Mike Pence wins the vice-presidential debate hands down

In typical elections, the debate of the vice-presidency often takes a back seat, or at least is not as fundamental as that of the presidential candidates. However, in these troubled times, we are far from a semblance of normality.

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2020 will have been a pivotal moment in contemporary history, and the United States of America is no exception, at the very heart of a clearly atypical and tumultuous presidential election. It must be said that Donald Trump’s escapade to the hospital was a totally surreal sequence, all about a month before the election results.

True to his signature as a strong man, Trump did not let himself be dominated by the virus, supported by the most efficient medical equipment in the world. Without a doubt, he will not intend to rest in the coming weeks, and will strike again.

After the chaotic debate between the President and Joe Biden, we had to set the record straight and take the pulse of this election. It was notably the occasion to discover Mike Pence, gifted with an unfailing loyalty to Donald Trump. That said, the two men clearly have completely different styles.

Whereas Trump embodies the conquering and populist entrepreneur, Mike Pence rather gives the air of a pious and austere man, in symbiosis with the values of Protestantism. However, his appearance of rigidity finally cracked during his performance at the debate. On the contrary, we discovered a man who is smooth and in control, with well-structured and well-sent arguments.

His calm should not be taken as a sign of weakness. Even if he remains calm at all times, he is perfectly capable of attacking his opponent incisively. He has had the opportunity to do so on several occasions, especially in order to demonstrate that Kamala Harris is not a centrist democrat but a muse of the radical left, embracing the current of socialism.

Kamala Harris advocates more state intervention, an increase in the tax burden, the abolition of fracking (or even fossil fuels), a green new deal that would annihilate the market economy and a trial for the police. It is therefore clear that the radical left is embodied in the figure of Kamala Harris, far from a form of moderate centrism.

Mike Pence had to prove that he is not only a representative of the moral right, but a man capable of orchestrating the Republican coalition in all its nuances. To this end, he succeeded brilliantly. Offering a plea for individual liberty, law and order, a categorical rejection of socialism and a hard line towards communist China, Pence demonstrated that he is a viable candidate if he eventually wishes to aspire to the office of President of the United States.

Not only the Republican Party, but also the American people would be in good hands. He represents a strong bulwark against the anti-American forces seeking to dissolve the world’s leading power.

Thus, contrary to the usual rants of the left-wing media, the reality is that Mike Pence has passed the test of credibility loud and clear. Emancipated from his rigid figure, he has instead proven that he is capable of embodying the various Republican values and offering a model of American life that is not redemption, egalitarianism and statism, but rather pride, freedom and prosperity.

Republicans therefore have a good alternative, should Donald Trump eventually have to relinquish the reins. His calm and controlling style might even give him a significant advantage. Nevertheless, he has amply proven his absolute loyalty to the President, while embodying a promising new generation for the American right.

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