Opinion | Quebec’s domestic vaccine passport will generate wave of radicalization

Back from his long and lavish vacation, François Legault is quickly back at doing what he does best: he is about to annihilate civil liberties once again.

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Once again, the tape plays in a loop: in the name of freedom, two classes of citizens must be erected. The first, doubly inoculated, will enjoy all fundamental rights free of charge. The second, reluctant to the vaccine experiment, will be persecuted and ostracized from the public space.

Moreover, this second category is less and less tolerated by the official discourse of the regime. It is clear that the noose is gradually tightening.

François Legault’s despotism continues, governing by decree without the slightest hint of democratic deliberation. The state of health emergency is pure smoke and mirrors, artificially maintained by all means in order to provide the necessary power.

Fear remains the central engine, fertile ground for full submission to the constraints of the regime. In short, Quebec is sinking in its liberticidal momentum, the State having seen in the pandemic an absolutely exceptional opportunity to extend its influence over society.

A strange paradox, given that François Legault promised to reduce the size of the state. Not surprising, knowing his mythomaniac contempt for facts and reality.

Like Louis XIV, “l’État, c’est moi (I am the State)”. With the National Assembly at his beck and call, there is no longer a clash of ideas but only one idea, that of health extremism.

The legislature, the public health service and the mass media all relay the regime’s propaganda, destined to discredit any discourse that might cause a discrepancy. However, behind this form of absolutism, there is undeniably a counter-discourse to the regime.

This official opposition, articulated and legitimate, representing hundreds of thousands of Quebecers, is struggling to take its place in the system. With good reason, since it harms the interests of the regime, camouflaged behind science.

However, the imposition of the health passport risks radicalizing the factions. Rather than admitting that we must learn to live with the virus, François Legault is pushing his desire to control society even further.

Let’s just recall the imposition of the curfew, a particularly authoritarian measure that used coercion on the slightest person who took a walk in the evening.

The debate is not a scientific one, it is a philosophical debate in the name of freedom. It is about knowing what kind of society we want to live in.

François Legault has revealed his true character since the beginning of the pandemic, ardently despising our individual freedoms and our democratic gains. With no counterweight, he can do as he pleases. This is why it is necessary to make him feel that his absolutism is not an absolutism, and to put a substantial brake on him.

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