Opinion | Quebec’s plan to vaccinate 80% of 5-11 years old before ending health emergency is textbook manipulation

After more than 20 months, the bullying has to stop.


The CAQ’s instrumentalization of 5 to 11 year old children is nothing more than a purely desperate attempt to retain power. There is no scientific evidence that proves them right. Moreover, they have lied repeatedly from the very beginning, shamelessly, without ever giving freedom back to the people. What about the huge vaccination rate among adults?

With a twist of the wrist, it becomes ineffective? Small, trivial releases and insignificant distractions should not distract us from the bottom line, which is a government that rules by decree, take control of bodies and seeks to sanitize impulses.

The worst part of all this is that many frightened and cowardly parents will not hesitate to quickly inject the vaccine product into their children. Not only because they are afraid, but also because they believe the government’s 80%.

Even after the incessant proliferation of lies from square one. Let’s remember the unbelievably brutal breach of the Christmas contract, where families couldn’t even legally come together to celebrate their deep-rooted traditions. Such intrusion and desecration by the government should never be forgotten.

With the CAQ government, we have reached the heights of the omnipresent and omnipotent state. From now on, we must proceed to the opposite step, namely the liberation of the people.

How can we trust a lying, manipulative, opaque and deceitful government? The government must step back and give the people back their freedom, period. The excuses have been exhausted.

The tragedy, mutated into blackmail without measure, must stop immediately. The moderation of Quebecers does them absolutely no favours.

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