Opinion | Quebec’s total hypocrisy on fundamental freedoms

Quebec’s premier François Legault announced his intention to legislate in favour of freedom of expression in our universities. This is, to say the least, ironic, considering Legault has been the most liberticidal premier in the province’s history.

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It is particularly ironic that François Legault announces a project to legislate freedom of expression in universities.

This is the same politician who, for more than a full year now, has been systematically suspending the fundamental freedoms of the population without any solid justification.

It is clear that our Prime Minister is using freedom of speech as a rattle to appease his nationalist base.

Essentially, freedom is not a true ideal to the premier, but rather a bait used to appease his base under certain circumstances.

Yet when it comes to attacking critical journalists, failing to be accountable to democracy, and forging a monopolistic public discourse, freedom suddenly becomes a trifle to be relayed into oblivion.

By its very nature, Quebec has a murky relationship with freedom.

François Legault’s management of the crisis is ample proof of this. Health extremism is praised by a huge part of the population as if it rhymes with the salvation of our souls. Basically, it is nothing but bluster and gratuitous coercion.

Quebec is not a haven of freedom and may never be one. The people of Quebec applaud their own subjugation, convinced of their own virtue.

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