Opinion | The collapse of Quebec’s representative democracy

The National Assembly is no longer the guarantor of Quebec democracy. The sanitary extremism is endorsed by the 125 sitting MNAs, a perfect unanimity of 100%.


Yet, we know that according to recent polls, more than 46% of Quebecers are exasperated with the sanitary measures. Not one sitting MNA dared to represent the interests of this popular exasperation.

This horrifying gap means that the system is clearly broken, it has failed in its representative task.

With the mandatory wearing of masks outside imposed in the province of Quebec, it is certain that the exasperation of the population will only become more radical.

Anyone with some common sense can see the immeasurable absurdity of this measure. A couple who do not live together and who are intimately involved with each other must now go outside with the mandatory mask.

Where is the science? There is not a drop of it. A purely political, radical and liberticidal decision. Typical of the crazy authoritarianism of François Legault.

Sanitary extremism reaches its zenith. Mandatory mask outside and curfew at 8pm, in the heart of spring.

A total tutelage, with illegitimate and despotic decrees. Inevitably, the popular exasperation will only swell and grow, in reaction to the inhumanity of such a suffocating and arbitrary regime.

This exasperation will undoubtedly be expressed. It is quite possible that it will be expressed in brutal, even violent terms, as we have seen with the recent anti-curfew riots in the Montreal old port.

The failure of our representative democracy is unmistakable; it remains to be seen how François Legault will deal with it. In any case, popular anger is on the march.

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