Opinion | The problem with Social Justice Feminism

The term ‘Social Justice Warriors’ refers to people who are fanatic about social justice and will go to any lengths to preserve it. There’s no standard definition of social justice itself, so anyone can have their own.

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In general terms, ‘’Social Justice refers to good things everyone is entitled to, and no one dare be against’’. I promise you that it’s worse than it sounds. SJWs are motivated by propaganda, not principles. They won’t hesitate to ruin every tenet of society to further their agenda. If you don’t agree with everything they say, they’ll resort to slandering and bullying you. For SJWs, personal freedoms should be sacrificed to spread their ideology. 

The most famous movement to be taken over by social justice is feminism. The result being: third and fourth-wave feminism has turned into a victimizing, man-hating form of defamation. Modern feminism bullies both men and women into accepting lies and vitriolic rhetoric. If this continues, it’ll ruin any progress women have made in the last two centuries.


Women have been a part of society since the beginning. At certain points, women were oppressed without equal rights and treated as second class citizens. Then some very brave women fought for female progress. First and second-wave feminists paved the path to equality for all girls. We are truly grateful to honour and acknowledge their efforts. Considering what feminism has become today, they’re probably turning in their graves. We’ve made a mockery of their legacy.

There has never been a better time to be a woman than today. Never have women been more free, empowered or equal to men. They are cherished, educated, are allowed to be\do what they like, and their contributions to society are praised. Special efforts have been made to uplift marginalized women and respect them. However, the name of most good women has been tarnished due to some misguided SJW feminists. They portray women to be oppressed victims who hate men. That’s not what being a woman or a true feminist means.


It’s important to express solidarity and support women. But, in the guise of supporting women, girls with differing opinions are vilified and threatened. Furthermore, supporting and believing all women just because they’re women is absurd and frankly, sexist. Also siding with evil, ruthless women who use others to hurt them isn’t the best idea either.

There are many places in the world where women are still tortured and repressed. But modern feminism never seems to fight for these women who really need it. There are certain serious issues affecting women: domestic violence, abuse, rape etc. Yet the feminist issues of the hour seem to be ‘Mansplaining’ and ‘Manspreading’? 


Feminism seems to have embraced victimhood and promiscuity. Protesting and wasting time blaming men will not help women progress. But hard work and determination to overcome obstacles will.

Feminists advocate for big government policies that actually hurt women by regulating their personal freedoms and making a victim out of them. Females are encouraged to indulge in bad behaviour and habits. It has cheapened sex instead of making it personal and intimate, leading to more women being objectified than ever.

Hook-up culture has left tons of women alone, without a partner or children. They are told to turn against family members over opposing viewpoints. We can be assured that excess promiscuity allows predatory men to exploit vulnerable women. This doesn’t make men respect women. Neither does it make women happier, but dissatisfied and miserable. Young girls shouldn’t be pushed to sexualize themselves on social media as it’ll damage their esteem, self-respect and future relationships. Because of this, the institutions of marriage, family and community are wearing down.


Social Justice Feminism pays no attention to toxic femininity. But toxic femininity has harmed more women physically and psychologically than toxic masculinity. Young girls are bullied by other girls and they take years to get over it. This occurs in the form of body shaming, slander through gossip or rumours and emotional blackmail as well as manipulation. It can even be as passive-relational aggression (verbal abuse and boycotting). If we really want to uplift women, it’s important to curb toxic femininity before it hurts more girls.


Even if we want to, it’s not fair to blame SJWs entirely. They weren’t born this way. Some of them were victims of toxic and abusive guardians that made them like this. Others were brainwashed by being presented with a distorted narrative and rewritten history in schools and universities.

Certain people are even making money out of this mess through advertising and propaganda! The spread of fake news and misinformation is rampant. Young people are being radicalized by mainstream and social media. Activists are so radical because they don’t even know the truth about what they’re fighting for. They’re taught to be angry and bitter but not rational or civil. In a way, they’re the real victims of the situation.


I understand the sentiment of improving the world through justice. But social justice feminism is doing more harm than good. Somewhere, we’ve all gone very wrong. We need a new form of equality for the coming centuries, which is based on truth, dignity and commitment to principles. A concept that discourages both toxic male and female behaviour, and encourages family and community.

Masculinity and femininity complement each other. Men and women are different and should be seen as partners, not rivals. Women are the heroines of their lives, not the victims. Does that sound familiar? Believe it or not, that’s what actual feminism was. Real feminists have always cared about this. It’s time that we do too.

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