Opinion | Trudeau’s complicity with China threatens the integrity of Canada.

In the last few days, two unfortunate events have taken place that have in common their threat to the integrity of Canada. Obviously, geopolitics is really not Justin Trudeau's strong point, to change after all.

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When it is not his globalist and anti-sovereignty tendencies that take over, it is particularly dubious if not explicitly dangerous alliances. Our Prime Minister recently expressed his desire for a “great reset”, a concept that refers to a nebulous form of neo-socialism where citizens are dispossessed of all private property and can only borrow. Be that as it may, our freedoms are not for sale. That is said.

The first event involves India, which is caught up in major demonstrations by farmers. These demonstrations, far from being peripheral, are on the contrary massive, they are shaking the country significantly.

Over 250 million employees are on strike which represents more than 6 times the demography of Canada. In order to repress the protest movement, the Indian state is amalgamating the agricultural revolt and Sikh secessionism. In this way, the public authority will be able to neutralize the revolt by justifying domestic security interests.

Justin Trudeau could not help but interfere in Indian affairs in order to express his concern in this regard. However, this intervention contravened the norms of international relations and was very badly perceived by India. Moreover, Justin Trudeau is accused of complicity with the Sikh separatist movement, serious accusations that amount to a desire to destroy India in order to form a sovereign Khalistan state.

India is even debating the legitimacy of Canada, based on colonialism towards the Amerindian and French-Canadian peoples. This interference is therefore a hard blow to the relationship between Canada and India. Let us recall that India is a great and growing power; it is destined to take an increasingly important place in the world.

However, the worst remains with communist China. Just recently, we learned that Canada was to host Chinese military forces in partnership with the Canadian government. The project was cancelled, much to the dismay of Justin Trudeau, furious at this failure of partnership.

This complicity with communist China, the primary enemy of the free world, is a matter of absolutely serious recklessness. Communist China is carrying out a campaign of systemic discrimination against the Uighur community through sterilization, re-education and organ extraction. Perhaps even a genocide is currently underway, only time will tell.

Moreover, Communist China categorically denies the dignity of man and his right to happiness, freedom and equality. It despises democracy, the rule of law and diversity of opinion. Its values are intrinsically incompatible with our way of life.

One thing cannot be and not be at the same time. This is the principle of non-contradiction in logic, a fundamental principle. By seeking to ally himself with communist China, Justin Trudeau corrupts our civilization and acts as an accomplice to an infamous communist and imperialist regime with fascist undertones, even knowing their treatment of the Uighurs.

What’s more, he flouts the norms of international relations and interferes in India’s internal clashes, which has only worsened the Canada/India relationship, already weakened by the disastrous voyage in 2018. India even threatens to apply the law of retaliation and to take a stand for Quebec secessionists; after all, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Without ambiguity, putting Canada back on the right track is a major undertaking; the first step is to elect a Prime Minister who is not a dazed collaborator but a lucid statesman.

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