Oregon governor announces statewide outdoor mask mandate for all

The Governor of Oregon Kate Brown announced on Tuesday that her state would be imposing a statewide outdoor mask mandate. The mask mandate is in effect for all regardless of vaccination status.

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The outdoor mask mandate will begin on Friday, August 27, and will be required in “public outdoors settings where physical distancing is not possible, regardless of vaccination status.”

In her announcement, Governor Kate Brown said that “Delta is ripping through communities around the state and across the country. Flooding hospitals and stretching thin our nurses and health care staff as they work to treat patients.” 

Brown continued, “Masks have proven to be effective at reducing transmission, and are a necessary measure right now, even in some outdoor settings, to help us fight COVID and protect one another.”

Governor Brown also recommends that people wear masks while at private residences “where people from different households do not maintain physical distance.”

However, Brown also tells people they do not need to mask up at all times outdoors.

“I want to stress, however, that this rule doesn’t mean you have to wear a mask at all times outdoors. You do not need to mask up for the fleeting pass by on a hiking trail or your morning walk with your dog. It does mean that you must take personal responsibility and use common sense in outdoor spaces where you can’t physically distance yourself.”

“I know we’re all tired of masking, but this simple act of kindness and compassion protects our communities and saves lives.”

Governor Brown closes out the announcement stating: “Roll up your sleeves, take your shot, wear your mask, and please stay safe out there.”

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