Ottawa counter-protestors throw eggs at Rolling Thunder, call protestors “fascists”, “vanilla ISIS”

Counter-protestors in Ottawa did not appreciate the movement for freedom.

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On Saturday, thousands gathered in Ottawa for the Rolling Thunder motorcycle convoy in opposition to government COVID overreach in Canada.

The mood was light and cheerful as protestors welcomed the motorcycles.

Thousands of Canadians showed up in the nation’s capital to show support to the motorcycle convoy and request an end to the emergency COVID measures.

In Canada, unvaccinated individuals are not allowed to board a train or take a plane anywhere in the country. The Trudeau government has provided no plan or roadmap to lifting the COVID-19 measures, unlike most industrialized countries around the world.

During the march, Ottawa residents appeared to be throwing eggs at protestors from their window.

Counter-protestors were present in small numbers. One of them carried a sign that read “libartay 4 all freedumbs”, appearing to mock the concept of liberty.

Another counter-protestor held a sign reading: “Why do you still protest?”, seemingly unaware that unvaccinated Canadians are to this day not allowed to travel in their own country or abroad.

A counter-protestor held a sign reading: “History will remember you as fascists if it remembers you at all”, qualifying the freedom protestors as “fascists”, an inherent contradiction.

Another counter-protestor held a sign comparing the protestors to “vanilla ISIS”.

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