Ottawa police used memo with false information to spread negative rumours against freedom convoy 

The Ottawa police used a memo riddled with false information to spread rumours against the freedom convoy. 


New revelation shows the Ottawa police used a memo riddled with false information to spread rumours that would paint the freedom convoy in a negative light. 

Days before the Trudeau government evoked the Emergencies Act against the peaceful anti-mandate ‘freedom convoy’ protest in Ottawa, the Ottawa police made use of a memo riddled with false information, Blacklock’s  reported.

The police department apparently used the memo to spread information which would paint the freedom convoy in a negative light. 

The memo, which emerged from a U.K. think tank called “Strategic Dialogue”, peddled a variety of false information such as the idea that the convoy was funded by foreign extremists.

The memo argued that TikTok content criticizing the prime minister for his pro-mandate and authoritarian COVID measures was “violent” and “harmful”. 

“The convoy is attracting violent and harmful content and commentary from TikTok users particularly in posts that target Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,” it read.. “These comments are published as post captions or on-screen captions.”

“For example a video calls Trudeau a ‘traitor’ and another states he should be hanged for treason […] Other posts seen by ISD falsely claim Trudeau is the son of Fidel Castro.”

The memo also dubiously attempted to make  connections between Donald Trump and the freedom convoy: “President Trump mentioned the convoy in an email to supporters and endorsed the convoy during a recent rally, referring to Prime Minister Trudeau as a ‘far left lunatic’ in the process […] The Trump sons also joined in with Donald Trump, Jr. by praising the convoy on Facebook. Meanwhile Eric Trump claimed media were deliberately not covering the convoy and described media as the ‘enemy of the people.’”

Evidence later proved the information peddled by the memo to be largely false, with up to 88% of freedom convoy donations originating from Canada. 

Despite the memo’s falsities, the Ottawa police widely distributed it days before the Emergencies Act was invoked. 

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