Ottawa tow truck companies refuse to help police remove trucks

Local tow truck companies in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada region are rejecting police requests to help remove the freedom convoy trucks out of the downtown Ottawa core.

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According to CTV News, a “senior police source” has told the outlet that local tow truck companies are rejecting police requests for help.

Given that tow truck companies will not help, if the police would still want to remove trucks out of Ottawa they would only have access to city-owned tow trucks used for OC Transpo buses.

Ottawa city Mayor Jim Watson said that “The city has a number of heavy industrial tow trucks as well, so there’s that availability, plus other companies that the city deals with on a pretty regular basis.”

Ottawa Police Deputy Chief said that currently there are roughly between 200 and 250 trucks parked in the downtown core but that they expect another 300 to 400 truck drivers to try and make their way downtown this weekend.

Sources say the city of Ottawa only has three tow trucks, one of which is rated heavy.

In anticipation of that, the police say that they are setting up roadblocks and planning to direct the truckers to parking spots outside the downtown core.

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