Oxford University: Canada ranks among highest in the stringency of government measures, near China and Cuba

The COVID-19 Government Response Tracker (OxCGRT) from the Oxford University suggests that the stringency of lockdown measures in Canada ranks nearly as high as those of communist China and Cuba.

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The staggering figures from the OxCGRT were originally reported by Cosmin Dzsurdzsa from True North

Oxford’s OxCGRT quantifies the stringency of governmental COVID restrictions by looking at a variety of variables such as school closures, travel restrictions, workplace closing, restrictions on gathering and more. 

Canada obtained a stringency score of 75.46, slightly behind China’s 78.24 and Cuba’s 79.63. 

The United Kingdom obtained a score of 61.11 as the country is in the midst of a gradual reopening. The United States obtained a score of 56.94. 

Countries with scores higher than Canada included Algeria, Iran, Turkey, Venezuela, Argentina, and others. 

From https://covidtracker.bsg.ox.ac.uk/stringency-map

Canada has kept on strict lockdown measures as many industrialized countries are in the midst of reopening their economy. Canada’s poor position today is largely explained by the failed vaccine rollout

The Trudeau government wasted “a lot of time” by trying to secure doses from an unreliable pharmaceutical company linked to the Chinese Communist Party, CanSino Biologics. The CanSino vaccine later turned out to be a dud, and Canada never received a single dose. 

Despite CanSino’s tied with the Chinese Communist Party, early on in the pandemic, the Trudeau government decided to enter negotiations regarding clinical trials with CanSino rather than AstraZeneca, a reputable pharmaceutical company based in the United Kingdom. 

The failed negotiations with CanSino and the lack of proactive agreements and purchase orders with Pfizer or Moderna made Canada rapidly fall behind in the vaccination campaign. 

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