Pandemic, lockdowns made health of Americans worse, increased heart disease and stroke

New data show that the health of Americans was made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying government lockdowns.

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Data compiled by the Wall Street Journal shows that the pandemic has negatively impacted Americans’ health.

Heart disease and strokes increased sharply throughout the pandemic as Americans were told to stay indoors by health authorities.

Overdose deaths also increased substantially, driven largely by increased opioid overdoses during the pandemic, going from 49,860 opioid-related deaths in 2019 to 80,816 in 2021.

The pandemic and government restrictions also had a profound impact on the mental health of young Americans, who were told to isolate despite not being at risk.

The U.S. also saw a sharp increase in hospital-onset, drug-resistant infections.

Childhood vaccination rates also decreased substantially during the pandemic. Some say this could be a consequence of ineffective COVID-19 vaccines being mandated, leading parents to rethink some vaccination decisions.

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