Parks Canada becomes political and makes up false history to push ‘BLM’ narrative

It seems that even parks have become political, and in doing so, they are attempting to rewrite Canadian history to push the “Black Lives Matter” agenda in Canada.

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Parks Canada has been publishing a flurry of tweets about “black” heritage in Canada, and their most recent tweet reads: “Between c.1629-1834, approx. 4,000 people of African descent were enslaved across Canada. This left a legacy of discrimination & systemic racism, that Black Canadians still feel today. Learn more about this shameful period of our history.”

According to Ezra Levant, this tweet is entirely inaccurate: “You wicked liars and defamers. The British Empire, of which Canada was a part, abolished the slave trade, declared war on slave ships and literally purchased the freedom of every slave in 1833 — 34 years before Canada became a country. We were where American slaves fled.”

Dr Roy (@Real_Dr_Roy), a prominent Montreal-based doctor and British history buff reminded Parks Canada that in “1793, the King’s representative Lt. Governor John Graves Simcoe passed the “Act Against Slavery” ending the slave trade & making Upper Canada (Ontario) the first British Colony to abolish slavery.”

Parks Canada was also reminded by users online that Canada was perceived largely as a promised land to American slaves fleeing the US.

These inaccurate and misleading tweets by Parks Canada also bring up a valid question: why is a government entity that is responsible for outdoors parks taking part in writing misleading and false narratives about Canada?

In an era where everything has become political, it seems that Parks Canada should remain focused on its primary mission which is the promotion of the Great Canadian outdoors. Rewriting history is not a part of their mission.  

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