Parliament Today deletes tweet suggesting donations to trucker convoy could be providing “financial services” for “terrorist activity”

In a now-deleted tweet, a Canadian newsletter called Parliament Today said that donating to the trucker convoy GoFundMe page could lead to charges under the Criminal Code for providing “financial services intended to carry out any terrorist activity or benefit such a group.”

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The original tweet was posted on January 26, 2022, and was noticed to be deleted on January 27, 2022, by Marie Oakes.

In the original tweet, Parliament Today cited Jess Marin Davis to make the allegation that individuals who contributed to the Freedom Trucker Convoy GoFundMe page could be found guilty under the Criminal Code of providing financial services to carry out terrorist “activity” or benefit such a “group”.

Jess Marin Davis has tweeted or retweeted several tweets against the trucker convoy making its way to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to protest mandates and restrictions on her Twitter profile.

JMDavis has also retweeted conspiracy theories about the protest using hashtags like #KochNetwork. 


Currently, the trucker convoy GoFundMe page has over $6.2 million in funds raised from over 80,000 donations.

As the convoy has made international headlines, individuals like Elon Musk have sent out messages of support to the protest. 

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