Pierre Poilievre says Trudeau has “never been more out-of-touch” on issues important to Canadians

In a recent Tweet from Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre, he called out Trudeau for being “out-of-touch” with the issues most impacting Canadians.

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In a Tweet on Tuesday, November 22, Poilievre highlighted issues Canadians are facing stating that “things are not okay”.

Highlighting that “1in 5 Canadians are skipping meals”, the increase in Canadians dying of overdoses, rent hitting all-time highs, how many Canadians are frequenting food banks, the highest inflation in 40 years, and interest rates hitting the highest levels in 14 years. 

Poilievre says “Trudeau wants you to think things have never been better“. Adding that Trudeau has “never been more out-of-touch.”

Currently, Statistics Canada says that in October, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose by 6.9% year over year, “matching the increase in September.”

Stats Can said that prices for food rose by 10.1% in October, compared to 10.3% in September.

“Despite the slowdown in price growth, prices for food purchased from stores (+11.0%) continued to increase at a faster rate year over year than the all-items CPI for the eleventh consecutive month.”

Additionally, prices for paper supplies increased greatly in October:
“In October, prices for paper supplies (+12.2%) increased at a faster rate on a year-over-year basis compared with September (+6.4%). The increase was due to higher prices for stationary (+20.3%), and household paper supplies (+9.7%), which includes items such as tissue and bathroom paper. Sustained demand, along with higher input costs, contributed to higher prices for paper supplies.”

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