‘Planet of the Humans’ filmmakers to speak tonight in Toronto virtual event

The bombshell documentary ‘Planet of the Humans’ was first released on July 31st, 2019 and revealed the dark side of the “green” and “renewable” energy industry.

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‘Planet of the Humans’ Jeff Gibbs has been a life-long environmentalist. Along with Michael Moore, Gibbs received harsh feedback from the radical-left and climate absolutists who, over the last decade, have put their blind fate into “renewable energy”. 

However, Gibb’s shocking exposé reveals that solar, wind, and biomass energy, over their useful life, often prove more damaging to the environment than traditional and clean fossil fuels. 

The documentary sheds light on the dazzling amount of government subsidies and big-money interests behind the transition to “green energy”. In a factual and methodic fashion,  the documentary demonstrates that the common discourse on renewables is based on false and misleading ideas. 

Jeff Gibbs (Director) and Ozzie Zehner (Producer) with special guest appearances by Michael Moore (Executive Producer) and Filmmaker Julia Barnes (Bright Green Lies) will take part in a virtual screening tonight in Toronto at 6:30 pm EST.

You can register here, and the readers of Westphalian Times can access the screening at no cost with the coupon code 373VK at checkout.

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