Poilievre Conservative leadership generates the largest Canadian political fundraiser in modern era

Pierre Poilievre’s Conservative Party leadership generated the largest fundraiser in recent history.

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An Elections Canada filing shows the Conservative Party of Canada generated the largest political fundraiser in recent history, Blacklock’s reported. 

Leadership candidates raised a total of $8.3 million from 55,000 donors. Over half of the total funds raised were obtained through Poilievre’s campaign. 

Poilievre’s team fundraised $4.6 million from nearly 39,000 individual donors. These figures exceed those of any other candidates ever since the implementation of the Election Expenses Act in 1974.

In 2013, when Justin Trudeau became leader of the liberal party, he only raised $1.9 million from 10,957 contributors. 

The donations breakdown as reported by Blacklock’s can be seen below. 

  • “$4,618,090 from 38,665 donors for MP Poilievre;
  • • $1,791,575 from 4,591 donors for ex-Québec premier Jean Charest;
  • • $917,522 from 5,785 donors for MP Leslyn Lewis (Haldimand-Norfolk, Ont.);
  • • $577,959 from 4,579 donors for ex-Ontario legislator Roman Baber;
  • • $443,382 from 999 donors for MP Scott Aitchison (Parry Sound-Muskoka, Ont.)”

Over 675,000 Canadian voters bought a Conservative Party membership, while 437,987 sent in a voting ballot in the membership race that concluded this Saturday.

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