Poilievre moved out of finance critic role as Conservative leader O’Toole shuffles critic roles

On Wednesday, Erin O'Toole, the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada shuffled his caucus roles and moved the popular Pierre Poilievre out of his finance critic position into job and industry critic.


The move is viewed by some as a demotion from the high-profile finance critic role into a lesser-known role as a critic for jobs and industry. 

Ed Fast will be taking over as finance critic, as Pierre Poilievre will become the critic for jobs and industry, a newly created position in the caucus. 

Poilievre has not yet publicly commented on the role change.

Other newly created Conservative positions include COVID-19 economic recovery critic and critic for future workforce development. However, neither have comparable positions in the Liberal cabinet so it is unclear at this time what positions they will be critics for in the Liberal cabinet.

Former Conservative MP Maxime Bernier called Poilievre “the only effective CPC critic” and speculated that the role change was due to campaign concerns from the Conservative leadership. 

Similarly, MP Derek Sloan called the move a “demotion”.

However, others view the role change positively.  

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