Poll: 39% of Canadians say Justin Trudeau has been a “Bad/Horrible” Prime Minister

In recent polling from Abacus Data, 39% of respondents said that Justin Trudeau has been “Bad/Horrible” as Prime Minister of Canada.

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39% of those surveyed said that Justin Trudeau has been “Bad/Horrible” as the Prime Minister of Canada.

While 27% of respondents said that he has been just “OK” as the Prime Minister. With 29% of the respondents saying that he has been “Great/Good” in the role.

Largely, Liberal Party of Canada voters were the individuals who said that he has been “Great/Good” in the role. With PPC voters being the most strongly against Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister. 

Regionally, Albertans were more likely to view his role as Prime Minister as negative, while more eastern provinces viewed Trudeau more positively than Alberta and western Canada.

However, eastern provinces had a nearly equal breakdown among respondents with Quebec respondents having 33% with a favorable view, 30% with an “OK” view, and 30% with an unfavorable view.

Generally, in each region of Canada, the respondents had a more unfavorable view of Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister except for Quebec which had a slightly more favorable view (33%) versus a negative view (30%).

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