POLL: 62% of Americans say the economy is worse under Biden presidency

Recent polling from Rasmussen Reports has found that 62% of Likely U.S. Voters believe that the economy has gotten worse since Joe Biden became the President.

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On the flip side, 19% of respondents to the poll said they believe the economy has gotten better with Joe Biden as President. While 16% said the economy has stayed about the same since Joe Biden got into office. 

The breakdown of the respondents that said the economy has gotten worse under Joe Biden includes 35% of Democrats, 67% of Independents, and 87% of Republicans. 

When asked whether the Biden presidency has been “good or bad for the long term success of the United States”, only 34% of respondents believe Joe Biden has been good for America.

While 52% of respondents believe that Joe Biden’s presidency has been bad for America and 11% said that it has not made a difference. 

When Likely U.S. Voters were asked if a second Joe Biden term or a second Donald Trump term “would be better for America,” Trump polled much higher.

Of the respondents, 28% said a Biden term would be better for America, while 42% said a Trump second term would be better for the country. 

However, 27% believe that “somebody else” would “be better for America,”.

When asked who deserves more blame for the current problems in the American economy, 38% said Biden was primarily to blame. While 22% said Democrats in Congress and 28% said Republicans in Congress.

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