Pornhub’s co-founder and CEO’s $19m home set on fire in Montreal

Pornhub’s co-founder and CEO Feras Antoon’s home was set on fire in Montreal on Sunday night.

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Antoon recently put the home up for sale in Montreal with a price tag of $19 million. 

The house included seven bathrooms and nine parking spots as well as a basketball court that also served as a ballroom. 

On Sunday night, around 11:30 PM, the police were called as two individuals were seen near the property which was still under construction. 

When officers arrived on the scene, a fire was raging inside the home. 

Pornhub has come under fire in recent months following a piece by the New York Times

The piece verifiably detailed the company’s lax enforcement of the laws. It detailed multiple instances of rapes being shared on the platform, along with underage content and violence. 

Justin Trudeau came under fire for letting Canada tolerate a company whose head office is located in Montreal to be a hub of alleged child trafficking. Since then, regulators have started cracking down on the company, although they appear to be in no rush.

Some users online pointed out the odd timing of the arson, shortly after the property was listed for sale at a price that would likely be hard to find a buyer for. Other users pointed out that Pornhub likely has many enemies.

No one was hurt in the fire, but the property is a total loss. 

Pictures are from Patrick Sanfaçon, La Presse. Visit their website for more. 

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