Potentially toxic and lung-damaging masks distributed to children and staff in daycares, schools

In a preliminary risk assessment, Health Canada found that the SNN200642 masks from Métallifer, which are widely distributed in schools and daycares in Quebec, may contain graphene particles. When inhaled, the particles can cause damage to the lungs.

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The Quebec provincial government sent out a directive on Friday alerting of the preliminary risk assessment results, asking that anyone in possession of the SNN200642  masks “stop distributing them and keep them in a safe place now”. 

CBC reports that daycare educators were suspicious of the grey and blue masks for some time. When worn, the educators said they felt “like they were swallowing cat hair”. 

The graphene particles allegedly present in the masks can cause damages to the lungs and long-term health problems when inhaled. 

The individual in charge of the province’s purchases of laboratory supplies has warned in a letter that Health Canada does not have any data to justify or support the use of masks containing graphene particles and that the risks of these devices are therefore unacceptable. 

On February 25th, as cases trended largely downwards in the province, the Legault government announced that masks would be mandatory all throughout the day for elementary school students. 

Westphalian Times contacted an administrator of an elementary school in Quebec who admitted the SNN200642 masks were widely used and often handed out to students. 

The long-term effects of a sustained exposure to graphene particles could be dramatic.

More details will come.

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