Putin says Western sanctions are hurting the West more than Russia

On Thursday, May 12, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during his televised remarks that the sanctions western countries placed on Russia are actually hurting western countries more than Russia.

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During his televised remarks, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Western countries are hurting the “well-being of their own citizens,” more so than they are hurting Russia.

He called out western governments as being “guided by short-sighted, inflated political ambitions and by Russophobia, deal a much harder blow to their own national interests, their own economies and the well-being of their own citizens,”.

Putin then called out the level of inflation western countries are experiencing: “We see it above all by looking at the sharp rise of inflation in Europe which is close to 20% in some countries,”.

Putin believes that the ever-increasing inflation in Europe correlates with the sanctions it has placed on Russia, stating “It is obvious that… the continuation of the obsession with sanctions will inevitably lead to the most difficult consequences for the European Union, for its citizens,”.

Touting his own handling of inflation and the consequences of western sanctions, Putin said “Russia is confidently managing in the face of external challenges.”, the external factors likely being the sanctions. 

He added that “The ruble is probably showing the best dynamics among all international currencies,”.

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