Quebec expected to double down on ineffective lockdown, impose a curfew and close everything except grocery stores, pharmacies

Despite the proven ineffectiveness of lockdowns, Quebec’s premier François Legault is expected to announce tomorrow a “full lockdown”, closing everything except for grocery stores and pharmacies and imposing a curfew starting in the evening.

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Restaurants and fitness centers have been closed for four months in Quebec while “non-essential” retail stores have been closed since December 25th. Gatherings of two households have also been prohibited since October, with families unable to see each other for months. 

Despite these stringent measures, COVID cases have been climbing up in the province, an indicator that lockdown measures are not effective at curtailing the spread of COVID-19.

Despite this clear fact and the mounting scientific evidence against lockdowns, the Legault government is expected to double down once again on its ineffective lockdown. 

Legault is expected to announce on Wednesday a “total” lockdown, with everything closed except for grocery stores and pharmacies. 

Legault is also expected to announce a curfew starting at 8 PM, according to various sources. 

Despite a high number of cases due to large-scale testing, the deaths and hospitalizations in the province remain proportionally low when compared to the first-wave. 

Quebec’s premier has made a habit of ignoring the scientific body of evidence and the advice of his public health branch. Legault has repeatedly taken decisions against Public Health recommendations such as the closure of all dine-in restaurants, a move that has likely resulted in thousands of bankruptcies. 

A police intervention in Gatineau, Quebec became viral around the world after police attacked a man for “illegally” gathering with five members of his close family. 

The video made headlines around the world as hundreds of thousands were shocked by the violence and repression shown by police under the requests of premier Legault to intervene. 

With a curfew and additional lockdown measures, such interventions will likely increase in occurrence as citizens become weary of a long-lasting and ineffective lockdown.

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