Quebec judge removes unvaccinated father’s right to visit child

A judge revoked a father’s right to visit his child because the father has decided not to get vaccinated. 


“[…] it would normally have been in the child’s best interest to have contact with his father, but not in his best interest to have contact with him if he is unvaccinated and opposed to health measures in the current epidemiological context”, judge Jean-Sébastien Vaillancourt wrote in his December 23rd opinion

The mother and father had a previously agreed-upon visitation schedule, but their agreement was taken in front of the courts after the father asked for one additional day with his 12-year old child during the holidays.

The mother opposed the additional day and asked the court to revoke entirely the father’s visitation rights after learning that he had not received the COVID-19 vaccine. 

The mother added that he was a “conspiracy theorist”.

The mother and the judge used to father’s opposition against the current COVID-19 restrictions against him: “excerpts from Mr.’s Facebook page produced by Ms. reveal that he does indeed appear to be opposed to vaccines and health measures”, the judge wrote. 

The mother argued that she lived with her boyfriend and two other young children, therefore the father endangered them by not being vaccinated and risking bringing COVID into the household. 

Despite the ludicrous argument, the judge agreed in his decision:  “Under these circumstances, it is not in the best interests of any of the three children for Mr. to be able to exercise access to [his 12-year-old] at this time.”

In Canada and around the world, the rights of unvaccinated individuals have been slowly degrading. In most Canadian provinces, unvaccinated individuals are not allowed in restaurants or public events. 

Recently, the Quebec government said it is considering requiring proof of vaccination at grocery stores and pharmacies that also offer at-home delivery. 

The Quebec government has also announced it would put a “significant” tax on the unvaccinated, possibly leading to criminal offenses and prison if unpaid. 

Quebec has been a laboratory for COVID-19 restrictions and authoritarian measures. This new judgment shows that the mentality has also infiltrated the court system. 

Mounting evidence shows that the vaccine does not prevent transmission of COVID-19 and that vaccinated individuals can spread the virus. 

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