Quebec premier promises another $500 cheque to fight inflation, but only if his party is re-elected in October election

Quebec premier François Legault’s latest electoral promise looks like an attempt to buy votes, according to opposition parties.

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Quebec’s premier François Legault was widely criticized earlier this year for sending out a $500 cheque to over 6 million Quebeckers to “fight inflation”. 

Experts said the measure was counterproductive as adding more money into the economy was likely to fuel inflation further. 

In the meantime, Legault refused to take other actions to tackle inflation directly. Quebec’s Conservative Party called on the government to remove taxes on fuel, which account for nearly 40% of the price of gas in the province. 

Legault refused to suspend the taxes despite historically high fuel prices.

This week, Legault doubled down on his stimulus program, saying his government would send another cheque by the end of the year, but on the condition that his government must be reelected in the upcoming October 3rd election. 

“By the end of the year 2022, we will send a new cheque — if we’re elected, obviously,” he said.

Opposition parties called out the announcement as a vulgar attempt to buy votes, while economists reiterated that such broad stimulus payments are not an effective way to combat inflation. 

“So he’s buying votes. Wow, François Legault thinks that he can buy votes!”, Quebec Liberal MNA Marc Tanguay said. 

“My vote is not for sale!”, Conservative leader Eric Duhaime wrote on Twitter. 

“If François Legault really wanted to help Quebecers cope with inflation, he would suspend the gas tax and lower our taxes”, Duhaime reiterated.

“He prefers the paternalistic approach of promising you a $500 check if you vote for him. This is simply indecent and unworthy of a leader.”

“After dividing us, François Legault thinks he can buy us with your money. He’s in for a surprise on October 3rd…”, Duhaime added.

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