Quebec premier says he is willing to meet with trucker convoy 

Quebec’s premier François Legault says he is willing to meet with the freedom convoy which may soon be heading to Quebec’s National Assembly. 


As the freedom convoy is now in Ottawa and a new convoy will shortly be heading to Quebec’s National Assembly, the province’s premier says he is willing to meet with members of the convoy. 

“I am always available to meet with people who are in good faith to try to see how we can help them answer their questions, their concerns”, Legault said in a press conference on Tuesday. 

Legault said he hopes protesters are “respectful” and that their right to protest is “important”.

Legault said he has had arranged more security around the National Assembly. 

Quebec’s premier Legault has often bragged about having the strictest restrictions in all of Canada.

Throughout the pandemic, Quebec imposed numerous lockdowns and authoritarian measures. As of today, unvaccinated individuals are not allowed in restaurants, public events, and large retail stores. 

A Facebook event titled Convoi Québec pour la Liberté | Quebec Freedom Convoy now has over 1,100 individuals saying they will be going to the National Assembly on February 5th, while over 1,500 say they are interested in going.

“Montreal/Quebec City convoy in support of the Truckers heading to the Quebec City Parliament. The city of Ottawa is preparing to dismantle the demonstration. Many truckers have not been able to get in and many en route will not be able to get in either so they are heading to Quebec City. We would like people in every region to take the initiative to organize convoys to support the movement! It is URGENT to unite to put an end to this circus that has been going on for too long. Truckers, construction workers, health care workers, professionals, etc… EVERYONE MUST STAND UP AND BE UNITED!”, the event’s description reads. 

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