Quebec to end curfew on May 28th and allow outdoor dining

The Quebec government is set to announce its roadmap to reopening the Quebec economy on Tuesday at 5 PM.

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Most parts of Quebec have been under stringent lockdown since October 2020. Restaurants in Montreal and the surrounding areas have been closed for 8 months. 

The Quebec government will announce on Tuesday, May 18, its roadmap to reopening the province’s economy. 

The government has made a habit of leaking the content of its announcements before the press conferences. 

Leaks in mainstream media revealed that the Legault government will announce today the end of the mandatory curfew effective on May 28.

Also on May 28, outdoor dining will be allowed once again in most parts of the province. 

In Quebec, over 75% of the 18+ years population has either received its first dose of the vaccine or has taken an appointment to do so and will receive it in the coming weeks. 

With the vulnerable population largely immunized, many of the province’s residents claim that the easing of measures is perhaps ‘too little, too late’ and that virtually everything should be reopened.

Quebec’s case count is low, averaging less than 1,000 cases daily, and the hospitalizations and death rates have decreased and remain very low. 116 individuals are currently in the ICU in the province with a population of 8.485 million residents. 

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