Quebec voters think climate change is a greater priority than inflation, Canadians disagree

New polling shows Quebec residents have opposing priorities to the rest of Canada.

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Newly released government polling shows Quebec residents are much more obsessed about climate change and climate regulations when compared to the rest of Canada. 

When asked if the government of Canada should focus more or less on climate change, 71% of Quebeckers say it should be a greater priority, despite living in a country with a government whose climate agenda is among the most radical on the planet. Only 7.4% of Quebec residents think the government of Canada should focus less on climate change. 

In the rest of the country, less than 50% of Canadians think the government should focus more on climate change. 

When asked if the government should be focusing on reducing gas prices or fighting climate change, the majority of Canadians (54%) think the government should focus on gas prices. In Quebec, 60% of voters think it should be climate change. 

When asked if climate change or inflation should be a higher priority for the government, a majority of Quebec residents prioritize climate change (56%), versus only 25% of Canadians. 

The polling data shows once again the deep differences between Quebec and the rest of Canada. In Quebec, mainstream media has been particularly focused on making climate change their top story on a daily basis over the last few years. 

In addition, the polling numbers seem to confirm the idea that the Trudeau government’s radical climate agenda is mostly driven by the Quebec voters, which make up for a substantial amount of seats in parliament.

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