Quebec woman dies 2 days after being left on hospital floor waiting to be seen by hospital staff in Gatineau hospital

Anne Pommainville, 58, died 2 days after being seen laying on the floor of the Hull Hospital’s emergency department while waiting to be seen by hospital staff.

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On June 27, Anne Pommainville went to the Hull Hospital in Gatineau, Quebec due to extreme stomach pains.

Anne Pommainville had to create a makeshift bed on the floor using blankets because the hospital would not give her a bed while waiting to see hospital staff. 

After waiting for hours on the emergency room floor waiting to be seen by a doctor, her husband took her into their car to wait. He then went back and forth between the parking lot and the emergency department to ensure he heard her name called to see a doctor, CBC reported.

Once she was seen by an emergency doctor they transferred her to the Gatineau Hospital for surgery. However, it is unclear when she was transferred as her family said that they were not told she was transferred until June 29 when hospital staff called her husband to let him know that Anne Pommainville’s heart stopped and they could not revive her. 

The average wait time in Quebec’s emergency rooms is over seven hours. On average, patients often wait over thirteen hours on a stretcher before receiving proper care. 

In numerous hospitals in the province, wait times often surpass twenty hours. 

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