Quebec’s largest “newspaper” qualifies tourists as “idiots”, disregarding the Canadian Charter

The Journal de Montréal continues its fear campaign to manipulate public opinion, this time going so far as to track down Quebec travelers in the South.

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The front page of today’s newspaper reads: “Partying in the South, the Journal on the trail of tourists in Mexico”.

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The photo used shows some tourists on a beach in Mexico. These individuals are under 60 years old and are therefore not at risk from COVID.

Scientific research also shows that the transmission of respiratory viruses outdoors is very rare.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms also guarantees the right of movement to all Canadian citizens.

  1. (1) Every Canadian citizen has the right to remain in, enter or leave Canada.

Éric Duhaime, candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Quebec took the time to denounce the irresponsibility of the front page of Québécor:

A newspaper describes the young tourists in the South as “idiots”.
A woman calls the police to report her neighbors who are having their parents over for dinner, “recalcitrants”.
A minister falsely accuses a hairdresser of spreading the virus in Thetford Mines, a “covidiot”.
A guy who denounces his co-worker to his boss because of photos of a field hockey game on his Facebook page, a “conspiracist”.
Now, how can we describe a government that openly encourages snitching?
A government that divides Quebec between those who look at their neighbors, colleagues and families as possible “snitch” and those who monitor to enforce health measures?
A government that turns excellent relations between neighbors into eternal bickering?
A government that divides families, neighbourhoods and workplaces?
For the first time in my life I have seen a government cancel Christmas and turn it into a joyous and unifying holiday in a time of tension and division.

Éric Duhaime

Once again, the Quebec mass media is ignoring the excessive lockdown and anti-scientific measures of the Legault government that are disproportionately affecting women and low-income individuals.

Instead, the media decides to rally behind the Legault government’s authoritarian measures and to suppress any question or scientific data that contradicts their campaign of fear and hysteria.

Support Quality Journalism.

Independent journalism is important now more than ever. The role of journalists in our society is one of watchdogs. One cannot be a watchdog when they are on the government’s payroll. 

Make a donation today and support quality,  independent journalism. 

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