Quebec’s premier brags about being first to shut everything down, going beyond public health recommendations, spending nights “watching CNN”

Quebec’s premier François Legault revisited his government’s handling of the pandemic during an interview with TVA Nouvelles. The premier bragged about being first to shut everything down, going above and beyond the public health’s recommendations and imposing harsher measures than science could justify.

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Legault said he also spent “entire nights” watching the American news channel CNN and reading “everything” on the internet about COVID.

Despite carrying one of the worst track records of North America, a total death toll of over 10,000, mostly elders left to die in government and private long-term care homes, the premier says he “does not see how he could have done anything better”.

“As soon as I saw something that I thought was good, I went beyond what my Public Health recommended. We were the first province to close schools, to close businesses”, Legault bragged to TVA.

Newly revealed memos show that the Legault government ignored public health recommendations throughout the pandemic. In the fall of 2020, as cases started rising but hospitalizations and deaths remained stable, the province’s public health recommended keeping restaurants, gyms and venues open.

Legault disagreed and closed everything down on October 1st in what the premier called the “28 days challenge”. The Quebec government said everything would be shut down for 28 days to “slow the spread”, after which things would reopen.

Today, on March 3rd, 2021, in the vast majority of the province, everything has remained closed since October 1st. Restaurants have forgone their dine-in revenue for five months. Gyms and fitness centers have remained entirely closed with no plan to reopen in most of Quebec.

In his interview with TVA, Legault now says he does not bar out serving three terms. The premier is currently serving his first term, meaning he could be in place, if elected twice again, for over 8 years.

Quebec has also been under curfew starting at 8 PM since January and is the only jurisdiction still applying the curfew to this day, as cases are going down dramatically in the province.

The Legault government still has no plan to reopen the province’s economy despite steep job losses and economic damages that will likely be hard to repair.

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