Radical ‘green’ protestors are a ‘federal security threat’, according to the Treasury Board

In a government audit, the Treasury Board of Canada confirmed that radical climate activists pose a security threat. The board noted as an example the 2016 riots that forced the cancellation of the National Energy Board’s hearings.


In 2016, radical climate activists forced the cancellation of the National Energy Board’s hearings about Energy East through aggressive protests and infiltration of the event. 

The board of Horizontal Internal Audit Of Physical Security In Large And Small Departments found that such instances of eco-activism effectively constitutes a security threat. 

“Recent security events around the world underscore the importance of having effective physical security in place to help adequately protect individuals, information and assets. [Redacted] protestors gaining access to National Energy Board hearings and various Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada offices in 2016, and the Parliament Hill shooting in 2014, show that Canada is not immune to security threats.”

In 2013, the NEB asked the RCMP to monitor some anti-energy activists. 

Environmental activists have been radicalizing rapidly in the last few years. The rise of movements such as “Extinction Rebellion” which embraces the destruction of property and the disruption of everyday life has proven that eco-terrorism is a rising threat. 

A foreign policy paper from 2017 titled “The Next Wave of Extremists Will Be Green” sheds light on the issue. 

“The signs of growing radicalism in green circles are already there, if you know where to look”, wrote Jamie Bartlett. 

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