Saskatchewan’s Colter Wall releases new album ‘Western Swing & Waltzes’

Saskatchewan’s own Colter Wall released his third LP on August 28th titled ‘Western Swing & Waltzes’, a mix of original material and classic cowboy tunes.


Colter is an up and coming Canadian country singer and songwriter. His previous albums were received with unanimous praise in the industry.

He is the son of Brad wall, the 14th Premier of Saskatchewan.

Wall delivers once again with punchy tunes like Marty Robbin’s ‘Big Iron’ rendered with close fidelity to the original song.

High and Mighty’ also offers an upbeat tune, contrasting with some of Wall’s previous darker songs like Kate McCannon.

Other songs such as ‘Diamond Joe’ offer a different sound, more in tune with artisanal country-folk.

Colter Wall should be on everyone’s playlists for the years to come as he has proven his talent and ability to write and sing country music that resonates with the Art of Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and other legends.

Listen to the full album here.

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