Sen. Josh Hawley files Senate ethics counter-complaint against seven Democrats

On Monday, January 25th, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley filed a counter-complaint against the seven Democratic senators who filed a complaint that asked the Ethics Committee to investigate him.

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In a letter to the Senate Committee on Ethics, Hawley said that the seven Democratic Senators “filed an unprecedently frivolous and improper ethics complaint against me and Senator Cruz.”

“Without citing any relevant evidence or offering any good-faith argument, they attempted to link my objection lodged under 3 U.S.C. § 15 to the criminal riot at the Capitol that occurred on January 6.”

He called the complaint “meritless” and in “potential coordination with a campaign by partisan and dark-money groups that have peddled falsehoods about me and my objection.”

Hawley argues that by these Democratic senators “knowingly submitting a frivolous complaint to accomplish impermissible partisan purposes”, that they engaged in “improper conduct that may reflect upon the Senate.”

He asked for the Committee to discipline the members “ to ensure that the Senate’s ethics process is not weaponized for rank partisan purposes.”

He added in the letter that, “Most astonishingly, the Democrats who filed the complaint against me insinuate—without any evidence whatsoever—that I or my staff may have conspired with the criminals who stormed the Capitol.”

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