Software vulnerability leads to thousands of websites being taken down, user data vulnerable

A newly discovered flaw in a software has led to thousands of websites being taken offline to prevent user’s data theft.


The vulnerability was found in a Java-based library of an Apache product. 

The Canadian Department of National Defence has said the potential vulnerability could affect “thousands of organizations worldwide”. 

The Quebec government has shut down nearly 4,000 government websites following the discovery of the breach. 

Yesterday, the Canada Revenue Agency shut down its online services after it found a possible security threat. 

“Hackers could potentially plant malware to the systems of sites, which use the said logging system due to the latest critical security vulnerability”, Tech Times wrote. 

Apache has released an update to fix the vulnerability, but website hosts are taking precautions to ensure malware has not been installed on servers. 

Critical user information could be at risk such as social security numbers, tax filings, employment information, and more.

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