Spain to keep a list of those who refuse coronavirus vaccine and will share it with other EU countries

The Health Minister of Spain, Salvador Illa, announced that people in the country who decline the COVID-19 vaccine will be listed in a register that will be shared with other European Union countries.

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The Spanish Health Minister told a local TV channel that “What we will have is a registry, that will also be shared with our European partners … of those who have been offered it and rejected it,”

Currently, the vaccine is free and a voluntary process in Spain. 

Speaking about the registry, the Health mInister said “It is not a document to be made public and it will be done with the utmost respect for data protection.”

Yahoo News reported that in April 2018 The European Commission proposed a wide set of measures for cooperation and data-sharing around vaccinations. 

The first COVID-19 vaccine in Spain was administered on Sunday, December 27.

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