Switzerland draws up emergency plans to deal with energy shortages which include banning electric cars from the roads

The government in Switzerland has announced that if the country faces an energy shortage this winter, the government will impose a ban on the use of electric cars for “non-essential” journeys.

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In addition, the energy shortage emergency plans also include the banning of streaming services and game console use in the event of an energy shortage.

The government also will call on store opening hours to be reduced by up to two hours per day, heating systems to be turned off in nightclubs, and buildings heat to be capped at 20C heat, the Daily Mail reports.

Reportedly, Christmas lights would be ordered to be turned off, and all sports stadiums an leisure facilities would be ordered closed.

Currently, Switzerland’s energy portfolio mix includes 60% of its energy from hydroelectric power stations, and around one-third from nuclear power. The remaining energy sources include a mix of fossil fuel plants, solar, and wind generation. 

The plan the government set forth is divided into two categories: emergency and crisis.

Within the emergency category, there are three levels and within the crisis category, there are four levels of restrictions. Each stage of the respective category will trigger different restrictions of varying degrees.

Under the crisis category, people in Switzerland would not have access to air conditioning in private residences and hot water in public bathrooms would be shut off. Under the most extreme case, the government would close all leisure businesses along with concerts, theatre, opera and sports matches being banned, according to the Daily Mail.

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