Tamba Bay Lightning leads Stanley Cup Final series 3-0 against Montreal Canadiens, Quebec Public Health refuses to increase Bell Center capacity

The Tampa Bay Lightning is one win away from the Stanley Cup after winning Friday’s game 6-3 against the Montreal Canadiens.

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The Tampa Bay Lightning won its third game in a row against the Montreal Canadiens. Tampa Bay’s team is just one win away from winning the Stanley Cup. 

Game 4 is set for Monday, July 5, in Montreal. The Canadiens will face elimination on home ice. 

Earlier this week, the Quebec Public Health declined the Montreal Canadiens’ request to increase capacity at the Bell Center.

Currently, only 3,500 can attend the games while the Bell Center’s full capacity is 21,302. The fans in Montreal’s Bell Center must remain socially distanced and wear the mask at all times.

Meanwhile, in Tampa Bay’s Amalie Arena, the stadium is in full attendance with 21,500 fans cheering on their team. 

Quebec’s Public Health declined the request to increase the Bell Center’s capacity to 50%, from 3,500 to 10,500. 

In Quebec, 71,1% of the population is largely immunized from COVID and has received at least one shot of the vaccine. The province averages less than 100 new cases daily on its 8.5 million population. 

Many experts pointed out the public health’s inconsistencies: while thousands are gathering outside the Bell Center with no physical distancing or no masks, attendance inside the Bell Center is heavily restricted. 

The outdoor gatherings have not resulted in any COVID cases increase. 

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