Texas energy demand about to hit an all-time high, power grid operator forecasts

Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) which manages 90% of Texas power load, is forecasting that the state should experience an all-time high in energy demands next week.

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ERCOT, which manages the majority of the power grid in Texas, believes it has enough resources to meet next week’s forecasted demand but that the state may hit an all-time high in power demand due to Texas’s economic growth and hot weather causing homes and businesses to increase their AC usage. 

Next week, Houston, Texas is forecasted to remain in the mid to high 90s Fahrenheit, generally for this time of year the region experiences a normal high of 90 Fahrenheit.

Earlier this May, Texas Public Utility Commission Chair Peter Lake and ERCOT President Brad Jones both said that the state’s power grid was prepared for record-breaking summer energy demand.

Mr. Lake said that the state has put more power in reserves this summer in comparison to previous summers to create a cushion for peaks in demand after the state experienced rolling blackouts during the February 2021 winter storm Uri.

Both Lake and Jones said they are preparing for the event when “times that are dark and still,” relating to when the production of solar power and wind power will be stunted, but said that their respective agencies are better prepared for when there is a smaller share of energy generated by renewable sources.

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