Trudeau-appointed Governor General and entourage spend nearly $100,000 on in-flight catering 

Trudeau’s appointed Governor General Mary Simon is in hot water for a hefty catering bill. 


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s appointed Governor General is facing backlash for a $93,117.89 on-flight catering bill. 

From March 16 to March 24, Governor General Mary Simon and staff spent $93,117.89 on catering aboard the government’s CC-150 Polaris aircraft. 

Simon was in Dubai as a guest of honour in the Expo 2020. She also travelled to Kuwait and Qatar for visits with Canadian Armed Forces. 

The group also spent  $248,127.02 on airplane fuel. 

Egregious catering and fuel bill are nothing new to the Trudeau government, as CTV News reminded its audience that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland and 58 others spent $57,401.56 on catering and $195,265.47 during a 6 day trip in Europe. 

On a different trip to Europe, Justin Trudeau and 47 others spent $46,018.07 on catering and $114,255.83 on fuel. 

The director of communications for Rideau Hall deflected any blame from the Governor General and pointed the finger at the Canadian Armed Forces in an email to CTV:

 “The Governor General undertakes official and state visits abroad on request by the Prime Minister, and in support of Canada’s international diplomatic objectives. The Canadian Armed Forces are responsible for providing transportation during these visits and as such are responsible for all decisions relating to catering on these flights”. 

Last week, it was also revealed that Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault and 5 staff members spent $101,712 in taxpayer money to attend a climate conference in Glasgow. 

The charges included $12,653 worth of meals, $37,171 for airfare, and nearly $50,000 in hotel fees.

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