Canadian government gave nearly half-billion dollars in aid to Ukraine, hired a ‘gender equality advisor’ but did not ensure the money was spent wisely

The Canadian government gave $464 million to Ukraine in foreign aid over the last nine years with little to no plan of ensuring the money would be spent wisely. They did however ensure that a ‘gender equality advisor’ be hired.

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The report Evaluation Of Canadian International Assistance Programming In Ukraine, first flagged by Blacklock’s Reporter, found that “Canada did not respond cohesively to protracted needs in eastern Ukraine”.

“While Canada funded some peace-building and development programming in conflict-affected regions, it did not target much of the broader economic recovery and physical reconstruction, local governance, resilience and social cohesion needs of the area”, the report goes on to say. 

While the Canadian government failed to target the broader economic recovery and key aspects that affect Ukrainian’s daily quality of life, they made sure to hire a “gender equality advisor” with the role of “promoting gender equality in Ukraine”.

What exactly was the role of “gender equality advisor” on a daily basis? Remind everybody that men and women are equal? Did the advisor’s agenda read: “9:00 AM, – Remind everyone that men and women are equal”? 

Of course, the report found a “lack of coherence in planning” and a “lack of an explicit long-term vision on sustainability”. 

“Gaps in the department’s processes and a lack of coherence across programming streams revealed missed opportunities in bridging crisis response with longer-term reconstruction, peace-building and development efforts in eastern Ukraine […] Without a common performance framework, Canada’s overall progress towards overall outcomes within the country was difficult to reinforce.”

Unfortunately, this is just another example of new-wave “woke” politicians using foreign aid pledges as a PR strategy, but failing to work on the underlying problems in developing and struggling nations.

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