Trudeau government paid non-refundable cash advance to Chinese company for vaccines that were never delivered

The Trudeau government gave a non-refundable cash advance to CanSino Biologics, a Chinese pharmaceutical company, for a vaccine contract that was never delivered.

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CanSino Biologics is a Chinese pharmaceutical company with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party. The co-founders, CEO Dr. Xuefeng Yu and executive director Dr. Tao Zhu, are both members of the “Thousand Talents Plan”, a Chinese Communist Party recruiting strategy. 

Earlier in 2020, the Trudeau government signed a contract with the Chinese pharmaceutical company. Members of the Liberal Party denied the existence of the contract, but documents provided by the Access To Information Act showed a contract clearly existed. 

Moreover, the contract included a provision by which the Trudeau government gave a non-refundable cash advance to CanSino, despite the Chinese firm never delivering any of its ineffective vaccines to Canada. 

According to experts, the Trudeau government’s decision to strike a deal with a company close to the CCP was nonsensical and resulted in a lagging vaccination campaign. 

The cost of the non-refundable “fee” has not been revealed. Canada never received a single dose from CanSino Biologics, whose vaccine is considered amongst the least effective at preventing COVID-19. 

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