Trudeau government spends $64 million in taxpayer funds for UN conference in Montreal amidst global economic meltdown

The Trudeau government is paying big bucks to host a climate conference in Montreal this fall.

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The Trudeau government will pay $64 million for Montreal to host the second portion of the United Nations biodiversity summit.

The summit was originally supposed to be held in Kumming, China, but kept being postponed due to the country’s zero-COVID policy.

According to La Presse, the Trudeau government will spend $64 million in public funds to host the event, which would bring 12,000 to 15,000 people from some 190 countries to Montreal.

Climate events organized by the United Nations have become an obscene show of wealth and virtue signaling in recent years. Last year, hundreds of private jets gathered in Glasgow for the UN Climate Change Conference.

During that event, Canada’s environment minister Steven Guilbeault and 5 staff members spent a total of $101,712 in taxpayer funds, including $12,653 worth of meals, $37,171 for airfare, and nearly $50,000 in hotel fees.

The biodiversity summit will be held from December 5 to 17 in Montreal.

As the global economy is experiencing unprecedented turmoil, and many economists expect recessions to develop in most industrialized countries over the coming years, experts say now is not the time for frivolous spending.

Users online also pointed out the incoherence of bringing up to 15,000 international travelers to a city for a conference that could be held over the internet, drastically reducing the event’s footprint.

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