Trudeau government to spend $3.3 million to lecture Canadians on “systemic racism”

The Trudeau government will spend $3.3 million on a national ad campaign aimed at “making more white Canadians knowledgeable about systemic racism”, according to CTV News.

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The Trudeau government will target “non-racialized Canadian middle-aged adults” to lecture them about “systemic racism” as part of the Liberal’s anti-racism strategy. 

The ad campaign will target so-called “racism hot spots” such as Hamilton, Thunder Bay and Quebec. According to the Liberals, these “racism hot spots” have a higher volume of reported hate crimes. 

“In this COVID-19 context, Canadians are face-to-face with a unique opportunity to reimagine the social contract in ways that place anti-racism, equity, reconciliation and human rights at the heart of the recovery process,” a document from the government’s procurement website reads. 

A recent poll from Angus Reid shows that 66% of Canadians disagree with the statement that “Canada is a racist country”. 

A recent report from Canada’s auditor general found that the Trudeau government was behind schedule on its plan to provide adequate drinking water to indigenous communities around the country. 

“We found that although interim measures provided affected communities temporary access to safe drinking water, long-term solutions were not expected to be completed for several years. Of the 60 long-term drinking water advisories that remained in effect as of 1 November 2020, 16 (27%) were being addressed through interim measures. According to Indigenous Services Canada, long-term solutions for these systems were in various stages of implementation and were expected to be completed between 2021 and 2025”, the report reads. 

“We also found that of the 100 long-term drinking water advisories that were eliminated between 1 November 2015 and 1 November 2020, 15 (15%) were eliminated as a result of interim measures. Of the 15 that were eliminated, long-term solutions were not fully implemented for any of these water systems. Seven (47%) were in the design and feasibility stages, and 8 (53%) were under construction. The department expected that the majority of these projects would be completed between 2022 and 2024.”

It is unclear what the exact content of the “anti-racism” campaign will be, but critics say the money could be used to help communities in need. 

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