Trudeau introduces legislation creating “red flag” and “yellow flag” gun laws, among others

New gun legislation was introduced in a press release that outlines the new firearms measures “to combat crime and increase public safety” from the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau.

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In the press release, Justin Trudeau announces new legislation to amend the Criminal Code and the Firearms Act. 

The proposed legislation includes new “red flag” and “yellow flag” laws that would allow people “to apply to the courts for the immediate removal of an individual’s firearms, or to ask a Chief Firearms Officer to suspend and review an individual’s licence to own firearms.”

Other laws include allowing municipalities to ban handguns using by-laws such as “restricting storage and transportation in their jurisdictions.“ 

The federal government will help enforce municipal by-laws with federal penalties for those who violate the by-laws.

“Individuals who violate these municipal by-laws would be subject to federal penalties, including licence revocation and criminal sanctions.”

Trudeau also announces that additional funding for municipalities and indigenous communities will be made available to “support youth programs” to “give young people the opportunities and resources they need to avoid criminal behaviour”.

New offences will be crate for altering the cartridge magazine component of a firm arm and for “depicting violence in firearms advertising”.

Additionally, Trudeau announced that a “Complete the prohibition of assault-style firearms to ensure these weapons cannot be legally used, transported, sold, transferred, or bequeathed by individuals in Canada.” will be included in the upcoming legislation.

Trudeau’s government intends to “move forward with a buyback program in the coming months to support the safe removal of these firearms from our communities.”

Other measures include increasing the criminal penalties for gun smuggling and trafficking. Tighter restrictions on the importation of ammunition will also be introduced.

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