Trudeau Liberals say a disclosure motion would ‘jeopardize’ access to vaccine and PPE

Procurement Minister Anita Anand has threatened opposition parties if they approve of a parliamentary probe of the liberal government’s handling of pandemic-related contracts. Minister Anand said that suppliers for the vaccine and protective gear could “walk away” if a probe was approved.

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During a press conference Monday morning, October 26, she said “I do not want to be back here to explain to Canadians that because of the disclosure we were forced to make, we were not able to secure vaccines or PPE for Canadians because our supplies chose to walk away,”

“I am seriously saying our contracts – vaccines, PPE, rapid test kits – are in jeopardy.”

“The difficulty with the current motion, and in particular the very reason I am here today, is because I, as Minister of Procurement, have been involved and have led the signing of hundreds of contracts for PPE, for vaccines, and rapid test kits for the benefit of Canadians health and safety.”

Continuing, “if this motion passes, it is my grave concern that those contracts are at risk, those negotiations are at risk, and suppliers will then as a result be hesitant to contract with the federal government.”

The motion in question was introduced by Conservative health critic Michelle Rempel Garner which calls on the House of Commons health committee to undertake a wide-ranging study of the Liberal government’s COVID-19 response.

In response, Conservative health critic Michelle Rempel Garner said “this is no longer about the health and safety of Canadians for him, this is about wanting to go to an election.”

Continuing, “we just need this motion to pass, so that we can get down to work and that Canadians can have some certainty on how we’re moving forward with the pandemic. This motion here is what a functioning democracy should look like,”

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