Trudeau likely to face fourth ethics investigation since 2017 as commissioner looks into contracts between Liberals and Trudeau childhood friend

The Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion is asking prime minister Justin Trudeau about dubious contracts with the firm of a childhood friend in what could be Trudeau’s fourth ethics investigation.

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A recent investigation showed that 149 Liberal Members of Parliament, or 97% of the caucus, used parliamentary funds to procure the services of a software firm owned by a childhood friend of Justin Trudeau, The Globe And Mail reported.

Data Sciences Inc is owned by Tom Pitfield. Pitfield ran the Liberal Party’s digital operations in the last two elections. He has also been a close friend of Justin Trudeau since childhood. 

The Pitfield family vacationed with the Trudeaus at the now infamous Aga Khan’s resort in the Bahamas. The ethics commissioner later found Justin Trudeau guilty of accepting the trip as a form of a gift. 

The complaint to the ethics commissioner came from Conservative MP Michael Barrett. Following the reception of the letter, the commissioner started asking questions to the prime minister in what could be the first steps of a formal investigation. 

Trudeau was found guilty of breaching the Conflict of Interest Act in 2017 following his acceptance of a vacation from Aga Khan. In 2019, the commissioner found that Trudeau contravened the Conflict of Intrest Act once again in the SNC Lavalin scandal. Trudeau breached the ethics rule for a third time in May 2021 over the WE Charity scandal. 

The investigation over Data Sciences Inc. could result in a fourth ethics breach for the prime minister. 

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