Trudeau says 2023 is “going to be a tough year,”

In a recent interview, Justin Trudeau warned that Canadians should expect 2023 to be “a tough year,”.

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In an interview with Global News, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said “Global recession fears, slowing down in the global economy, interest rates continuing to be high, inflation still lingering — it’s going to be tough.”

However, Trudeau claimed that Canadians will be able to “get through” the year as long as they stick together and that the government will give “direct supports for Canadians”.

He said, “The coming winter is going to be tough for people, and that’s where we need to continue to pull together,”.

However, adding that: “We know that for all the challenges Canadians are facing with inflation, with food prices, with energy prices, it’s much worse in Europe and it’s much worse for Ukrainians,”

“When we’re dealing with higher prices in the grocery store — which is no fun, it hurts — Ukrainians are paying with their lives,” Trudeau said.

“Every conversation I’ve had with (Ukrainian President) Volodymyr Zelenskyy, or other Ukrainians, shows that they are ready to stand strong and push back against Russia as long as it takes — and we will stand with them as long as they need to.”

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